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We offer free literacy classes for adults, families, and children. Build a better future and achieve your goals, ProJeCt can help!

education-1ProJeCt’s language and literacy programs set a solid foundation for individual and family success. Supportive instruction gives students the skills they need to function successfully in the workplace, as parents and as community members. Caseworkers work with students to identify barriers to success, develop individualized goals and plans to overcome those barriers, and provide needed supports to help individuals and families realize these goals, whether it be to earn a high school graduate equivalency degree (GED), help their children with homework, obtain a better job, or learn English as a second language (ESL). In addition, SIZZLE! offers school-age supplemental education support. SIZZLE! is a free, summer literacy day camp for at-risk, low-income children in grades K-4 designed to prevent summer learning loss and provide children with an enriching summer experience.

To enroll in classes or gather more information, please call 610-58-1100, ext 10, or email



Businesses and corporations may support family literacy with Pre-Kindergarten Tax Credits and Educational Improvement Tax Credits.