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For clients who are able and willing to participate in life skills development and planning, ProJeCt’s Community Supportive Services programs (CSS) provide the necessary support. ProJeCt works with adults, and children in school-based programs, to develop the skills and planning strategies needed to succeed in school, the community and the workplace.


Student Success Program

ProJeCt’s Student Success Program (SSP) provides Easton Area Middle School (grades 6-8) students with the tools necessary to overcome obstacles to success. The goal of SSP is to improve student attendance, school behavior, academic achievement, and ultimately student graduation rates. This is accomplished through LifeSkills® training and Case Management intervention. School Success

Case Management – This component is designed to connect high-risk students to caring adults and develop a plan of support for the student. Case managers work with teachers, and other individuals who influence the life of the child to create a system of academic, emotional, and social support to ensure the student’s healthy development and positive engagement in school.

LifeSkills® – The SSP LifeSkills® course offers all students the opportunity to participate in a scheduled class during the school day. This research-based program comes from the LifeSkills® Training curriculum, developed by Dr. Gilbert Botvin of Cornell University, and addresses barriers to school achievement and success by focusing on a student’s decision-making skills, self-management skills and ability to resist social and peer pressures.