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Spotlight Stories of Success

Meet James

James arrived at ProJeCt’s Fowler Literacy Center in August 2019 for an open house.  He was highly motivated to get GED and eager to start classes.  He was struggling with recurring health concerns which prevented him from working consistently.  His personal challenges did not deter him from attending ProJeCt’s GED classes.  James worked hard and completed his GED testing in November, applied to Northampton Community College, achieved Dean’s List in the first semester and is on track to achieve it again in his second semester.  James aspires to be a Social Worker and to help others grow through his personal experiences.


Meet Jhoan


Jhoan arrived at ProJeCt of Easton during an Open House at our Fowler Literacy Center.  Although he had been in the country only 7 months, his English skills were strong and he enrolled in our GED classes.  He worked as a technical document translator and the work was becoming more difficult.   Jhoan has an engineering degree in his home country, the Dominican Republic, and tested very well on placement exams.  Jhoan attended classes regularly and obtained his GED in January of 2020.  Jhoan continued to work as a translator and intends to pursue a degree in business at a local community college. 

Meet Vielka


Vielka came to ProJeCt in October 2019 looking for an English as a Second Language class.  She did well on her placement test and joined our GED classes.  She was determined to get her GED so she could attend college and provide a better life for her children.  Vielka also joined our Family Literacy program with her 2-year-old son.  With hard work and consistent attendance, Vielka obtained her GED in October 2020.  Vielka also took advantage of our Microsoft Office digital literacy program, which she will complete this year.




"I'm grateful to ProJeCt of 

Easton for giving me the 

opportunity to pursue my 

personal, professional, and 

educational goals. The amount of support that the staff gives is truly a blessing. I'm interested 

in pursuing a career in 

marketing. I've learned that 

once you get your GED® you 

don't stop, you keep going. I can and I will succeed."

"When I learned about ProJeCt,

I was excited because I could study English and there was a preschool program for children. They helped me become a US citizen, and complete the

English as a Second Language Program. Now I am in the GED® class. My new goal is to go to college. I’m thankful for ProJeCt for giving me and my daughter

the opportunity to change

our lives."

Saed Hindash |

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