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Annually, ProJeCt of Easton recognizes the special accomplishments of our students at the Graduation Ceremony.  Individuals who have successfully completed the requirements to receive their GED; those who have completed the English as a Second Language (ESL) certification; those receiving their US Citizenship; individuals who have completed special workforce training courses and children completing the Early Childhood Education program are recognized. 

If you or your organization would like to become involved with ProJeCt of Easton’s graduation event, feel free to contact the Development Office at 610-258-4361 or email

2022 Graduates

Atallah, Majida 

Beiler, Jessica

Bell, Larry

Bonnell, Arica

Brittain, James

Butz, Nicolas

Cabrera, Marie

Colon, Alice

Craig, Peyton

Cruz, Luz

Ditaranto, Kyle

Duran, Lorena

Echeverry, Katherine

Fahr, Vivian

Gama-Cruz, Leonardo

Getz, Zachary

Gonzalez, Lily

Herron, Elizabeth

Larrique, Kathleen

Libby, Sandra

Logothetis, Daniel

Marchorro, Oneida

Matsinghou, Emeline

Matthews, Kwana

M'Balla, Christ

McClain, James

Muniz, David

Rivera, Jaden

Sheehan, Randolph

Smith, Stacy

Strom, Stacy

Stump, Dylan

Taborelli, Michael

Wydner, Connor


Cruz, Josefina

Espinal, Sonia

Hilda Espinal, Ana

Mejia, Gloria


Lopez, Ana

Mamedova, Julia

Mejia, Gloria

Ramirez, Martin

Vera Santos, Jeanette


Basantes, Aiden

Kinkela, Maria

Reyes, Jessinia

Rosales-Mejia, Monica

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