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Family Literacy

The Family Literacy program offers parents the opportunity to improve their own literacy skills and learn how to become their child’s first and most important teacher, while children learn critical early literacy skills and become better prepared for kindergarten. This program includes free, high quality preschool for children ages 0-5.

The program includes:

  • Adult Education: Parents participate in one of our Adult Literacy classes: Adult Basic Education, General Educational Development (GED®) preparation, or English as a Second Language.

  • Parenting Education and Support: Parents learn how to support their child’s learning and how to create a literacy-rich home.

  • Early Childhood Education: Children ages 0-5 attend high quality preschool in our early childhood education center. Instruction prepares children for kindergarten success.

  • Parent/Child Interactive Literacy Activities: The entire family participates in Interactive Literacy Activities (ILA), which enable parents and children to learn together.

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"I came to ProJeCt of Easton to obtain my GED and to improve my math and writing skills to 

prepare for college. I also came to ProJeCt because I can give 

my 10 month old son a good 

literacy foundation while I am in class. He is enrolled in the 

ECE classroom.. ProJeCt has 

helped my family a lot."

"I came to ProJeCt to 

improve my and my 

daughter's English speaking. 

I just passed and received US 

citizenship. My daughter now 

speaks English very well. She 

just graduated from ProJeCt's 

preschool and is in Paxinosa 

Elementary School in 

kindergarten. I also want to get my GED and help my daughter be successful in school."

Thank you to our donors

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