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mission & history

ProJeCt of Easton's mission is to build a better community by helping people help themselves. We prepare people to succeed in work, school, and life by providing support and instruction in the skills needed to break the cycle of poverty and achieve their goals.


ProJeCt was founded in 1968 by a unique interfaith coalition of Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic community leaders who believed that our community could be better and that each of us has a responsibility for taking action. They created a bold collective effort that made a measurable difference to those living in poverty. The organization answers their call to action today through a comprehensive system of services that impacts more than 5,000 people every year.


We proudly offer all of our programs free of charge to low-income, at-risk Lehigh Valley residents. ProJeCt believes that education is key to helping people help themselves, and we invest in research-based, rigorously-evaluated school and workforce preparation services that teach clients the skills needed to increase their upward economic mobility. These services include Adult Education, Family Literacy, School-Based Programming, and Emergency Support. 

The climb out of poverty requires determination, but it also depends on support systems and a community that refuses to tolerate poverty as an acceptable condition. We have created a large network of support, including the Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board, Pennsylvania CareerLink, community colleges, school districts and the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley in order to provide economic and social benefits to our community. ProJeCt has answered our founders’ call to action, and in the next fifty years, we envision a future of growth and expansion of services that meet the needs of at-risk families in the Lehigh Valley.

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