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success academy

Since our founding in 1968, ProJeCt has witnessed firsthand that when we act collectively, we create greater opportunities for people to succeed. Our 50 years of experience in the field of human services has led us to establish the ProJeCt Success Academy, a new initiative that will allow us to provide focused, intensive support to more than 250 adults who enter our Adult Education and Family Literacy Program each year.


Each client will be assessed through a universal intake form that will identify their entire family’s short- and long-term academic, economic and personal needs, and our staff will assist them in finding and securing the resources they and their families need in order to achieve sustainable upward economic mobility.

Many people in our region are not ready to benefit from the opportunities that our growing economy and resource-rich community provide, but they do have the determination to transcend their circumstances. The Success Academy takes that determination and bolsters it with intensive support and resources. Adults who enroll in our literacy program and maintain a commitment to their education will receive not only academic instruction, but personalized, one-on-one case management support for themselves and their families.

Often, barriers such as housing, food access, or having a child struggle in school can impede adults from making their own goals of upward economic mobility a priority. The entire family needs support in order to stay on a path to success, and the Success Academy builds a comprehensive service plan that removes barriers by leveraging the many resources our community provides. When someone makes a commitment to their future, we will make a commitment to ensuring that they and their families have the resources needed to achieve their goals.


Saed Hindash |

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